here’s an idea: poor people are allowed to have nice things

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this hair too hot for this weather

It is glorious bb


Lawd jesus πŸ˜±πŸ’‹



people . . out here … calling tatiana venti (ariana grande) latina … . .


Family of missing First Nation teen fears for her safety

Members of a Winnipeg family say they’re afraid for the safety of 15-year-old Pretty Plume Cobiness.
According to a post on Facebook, Cobiness was last seen leaving Studio 393 in Portage Place wearing a black T-shirt with a white logo. The First Nation teen is approximately five feet six inches tall, weighs about 170 pounds, and has long brown hair.
Her brother, Pete Cobiness, says no one in her family has heard from her since Saturday. 
"You never know and if you’re in the city, that’s what really worries me — some crazy stuff goes on out here," he told CBC News on Tuesday.
Winnipeg police confirm that Cobiness was reported missing on Saturday, Aug. 16.
Her disappearance came just one day before the body of another 15-year-old girl, Tina Fontaine, was discovered in the Red River in Winnipeg.

This is tragic. ANOTHER missing aboriginal girl in Canada. Not even a day after Tina Fontaine was found, murdered.
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Anonymous: What does "pendeja" means?


loved one

oh yeah it’s definitely one of her insecurities as well. 
thank you so much love! πŸ’• and they really don’t lol
I tried bringing up that I prob doing better than she thinks bc my health has been overall great but I think she suspects I eat more when really I have the weirdest eating habits, my appetite for food is usually low 
even when she plays soccer??? that’s really something  :/


Me in the hospital and mi mamΓ‘ emotionless states β€œpor pendeja”

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