well damn

That came in like a wrecking ball.

I’m really 16 
I’ve been lying this whole time about being 21


Yet ppl don’t understand how white privilege still exists in brown n black countries

*terf voice* why do you hate women so much??

liz, that was stupid

us fighting zombies

maybe it was wrong of me to have sounded annoyed when one of the store managers at the second job seemed to have tried me

I called again about scheduling earlier and she was like ‘you know we don’t have to schedule you at all only when we need you besides I remember you called last week and told me you had hours saturday when I said Friday and you turned out to be correct. if you already knew the schedule, why didn’t you show up on Monday then?’
-I told you already, the other manager told me to disregard it then you said to come in friday after misreading the schedule
“I talked to the others and they didn’t say anything about telling you to disregard it”
-ummm well one of them did
“which one?”
-one named Oscar
“well I’ll talk to them in the meantime you don’t have any hours as of now” and I forgot the rest bc it wasn’t anything really


if you have a friend who leaves an abusive relationship whether it was romantic or platonic and you keep in contact with their abuser youre not their friend like holy shit why would you do that to them 

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if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever

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playing loteria con frijoles

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idk why I feel the need to keep record of any triggering dreams I have, but I think one of the weirdest ones I never wrote about that I had involved having a baby daughter (one that resembled my abusive ex a lot)

like I woke up from that dream feeling so horrible, not great dreaming about having a baby girl that you loved dearly but at the same time was uncomfortable with bc they remind you of a person who did bad things to you.

and for most of that day, I couldn’t look at a baby without feeling like either crying or vomiting (or both)



lol did it myself twice just now :))

i checked my drafts..
its all shit talking about someone or something
half way through it i realized it wasn’t a good idea to post … lol.  maybe i’ll post something, there was a rant in there about Chicano/a idenitty… about moving back to mexico.. and idk what other kinds of mess

the stuff you find there, huh lolI just went back there and I found one at the very end which I never posted two summers ago about a triggering dream I hadidk if I meant to share it at all or if I just wanted something written down to let it go either way, it’s interesting the stuff you find in there lol
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